Areas of operation

The scope of our operation ranges from all possible corporate consultancy and assistance services in many fields.

  • Corporate consultancy
  • Corporate contracts
  • Accounting consultancy
  • Expert assessments, reports and opinions
  • Bankruptcy and restructuring procedures
  • Tax consultancy
We can provide specialist consultancy and assist our clients in various areas of corporate life, with particular reference to corporate organisation, financial statement analyses, comparative analyses of companies based on competition, industrial accounting, reporting and management control systems, as well as short and medium/long term economic and financial plans.
We have partnered up with banks and leading national and international institutions providing optimal solutions for financing businesses, even in the context of new production ventures and for access to soft loans.
We also provide consultancy and assistance services in negotiating and stipulating contracts, drafting deeds, private agreements, preliminary agreements and any other service regarding the purchase, sale and part-exchange of companies, shareholdings, shares, company assets, individual assets as well as the withdrawal and exclusion of shareholders.
The firm provides accounting services and assistance in complying with associated tax requirements, technical assistance in terms of valuation criteria and representation of individual entries in the financial statements. Accounting and tax due diligence. Drafting and analysis of statutory, consolidated and extraordinary financial statements.
Ongoing consultancy by providing answers to questions and solutions to particular issues, relating to the above mentioned accounting and tax services.
Drafting of expert tax-related assessments, reports and opinions.
Technical consultancy ex-parte and for court proceedings.
Advice on the application of tax regulations with particular attention to their effects in the context of extraordinary transactions, acquisitions and new business ventures.
Assistance with tax inspections and any subsequent dispute whether with competent offices or tax courts.
Relevant technical consultancy in the case of legal proceedings.
Advice and assistance in bankruptcy proceedings, settlements, compulsory winding up and the drafting of recovery plans and debt restructuring agreements.
Debt restructuring plans, smoothing relations between companies in crisis and customers.